Shame and its impact

Shame and its impact

Do you remember situations of being insecure or shy? How did you deal with it? Did you avoid going on stage or handling a conflict? How did you feel? What was the immediate or lagged reaction?

Did you insult colleagues or the driver in front of you? Did you increase your angriness or your withdrawal from contacts?

There might be shame behind all of that!

What does it mean? Probably in your early years you did not face support or appreciation as needed for the healthy growth of your little heart and soul. That time can’t be turned back. But you could meet your inner child.

How does it work?

Take an old picture of yourself any age or sit down and think of you being a child. Then tell this little boy or girl how wonderful it is to meet him/her and from now on you will protect him/her.

Do this little exercise as often as you can. You will soon experience a different connection within yourself. This way will enable you to build up an inner strength you can always rely on. Because its yours and not others!